9 thoughts on “NNDB Map of the Discovery Institute”

  1. Beautiful work, however, I did have to send them an update on Dembski, so I suggested they amend Dembski’s profile to include Hobbies: Blowup Fridays, Excessive Petulance and Wearing Bad Sweaters. There was even a link that allowed me to send the Famous Sweater Pic.

    On a more serious note, I KNEW all this, BUT knowing it and visualizing the links in this format makes it even scarier. I would like to get a big scissors and start cutting away at some of those links.

  2. SD-6? The Agriculture section of the Statistical Directorate at the Welsh Assembly Government? They’re not that scary really.

    Cool map though.

  3. DAMN, those people are inbred! No wonder there are so many retards in the bunch!

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