We need a new denialism category for Obama conspiracies

Right Wing Watch is a great site to follow to track the latest conspiratorial craziness coming from the right. It seems every single day there is some new bizarre claim about homosexuals trying to enslave America and institute sharia law (that makes sense right?), or how Obama is a muslim, yada yada. But today I they’ve got a real zinger and I can’t pass it by. Apparently at age 11 Obama decided to become president of the US to destroy the Shiites, Israel, and America itself. Here come the insanity, from Avi Lipkin:

Lipkin: Obama was made a Muslim man in Indonesia by age 11. He said, ‘I’ve got health care problems, I got economic problems in America, Muslims in Egypt and Muslims in the Muslim world, be patient, I will show you when the time comes what I am going to do to Israel.’ My wife picked up other broadcasts, for example the Saudis were saying, ‘we will have a Muslim in the White House in 2008.’ The Saudis also said, ‘Obama has three tasks: task number 1 is to destroy the Shiite threat in Iran, task number 2 is to destroy the Jewish threat Israel, task number 3 is to destroy the great Christian Satan America and turn America into a Muslim country.’

If there ever was a more perfect example of how ideology is the source of conspiratorial, irrational insanity, it’s the Obama presidency.  It’s not just hte continual absurd birther conspiracies, which have escalated to the point that Arizona’s secretary of state was threatening to leave Obama off the ballot (but relented when Hawaii sent them proof of his citizenship).  There is apparently nothing that can’t be pinned on this man by his ideological opponents. It’s also reflective of the total failure of our society to educate people that when someone starts talking about some insane conspiracy theory, the appropriate response isn’t to perk up and listen but rather to point and laugh. The next reaction should be to wonder what kind of warped personality defect would lead to this type of reasoning. The more you see him accused of worse and worse crimes, the only explanation can be it’s not just right wing ideology, but rather the ugliest kind of racism.

Time to break out the tinfoil hats people.

Thanks to rightwingwatch, for doing the dirty work of sorting through this vile nonsense.